Monday, 30 April 2012

My must haves! hurry up Lottery win!!!

I am awful with spending my wages straight away then spending the rest of the month lusting after beauties on the tinterweb!
My main money enemy is ASOS Curve, Finally a shop that really realises that fat girls like to dress cool too!!
I spend hours 'doing homework' lusting after most of their clothes, and reasoning with myself why I should buy them with my next pay package.



ASOS Curve is an awesome fit for Plus size and the only thig that sometimes is a bit of a funny fit for me personally is the boob area, but my titties aren't that big for fat lass!

I cant wait for the summer that gingham sun dress and that super cute spotty play suit at the top is going to look awesome with the straw porkpie hat from topshop i am totally obsessed with, ans this uber cool fringe bag!

Anyone willing to buy me these things please get in touch!

Muchas Love xxx

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